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The Garden Gurus presenters have an extensive background in horticulture and now they are very excited to share their knowledge with viewers through the The Garden Gurus TV show, online Factsheets and Videos. Broadcasting Nationally, The Gurus Team have fantastic ideas, stories and celebrity gardeners to get you kick started into reclaiming your special sanctuary. All the segments seen on the show are created to help make gardening easy and enjoyable with all the information you need to create and maintain a successful garden.

Check your local TV guide for more details.

Trevor Cochcrane

Trevor is possibly best known nationally as the host of the popular national gardening show, The Garden Gurus, which has been playing on Channel 9 since February 2002. He has been involved in the TV industry for over two decades, launching new programs and hosting and producing lifestyle shows for both Western Australian television and nationally for the Nine Network Australia and internationally where programs are seen in 141 countries.

In addition to The Garden Gurus and The Garden Gurus, Trevor also presents and produces Explore TV, Delish Destinations, Delish and executive produces Our State on a Plate, all produced by his hand-picked talented team at his production company Guru Productions in Leederville, Western Australia.

When he is not traveling all over Australia and around the world for his travel programs, Trevor enjoys nothing more than gardening and relaxing on his hills property in Western Australia.

Dr Shyamala Vishnumohan

Indian-born Dr Shyamala Vishnumohan aka Dr Shy is a PhD qualified Australian Nutrition Scientist, Industry consultant and an Honorary Associate Lecturer (UNSW).

Everything from Paddock to Plate fascinates her, and she works with various participants in the agriculture and food sector to increase the competitiveness of incredible foods we produce here in Western Australia and develop market opportunities across the globe.

Dr Shy, also a mother of 2 young kids teaches them that there is more to food than nutrients. She believes that Gardening and growing your own is a great way for them to understand that the story of food doesn't start in the supermarket and end in our bellies but make them more inclined to eat well with appreciation and gratitude.

Nigel Ruck

Originally from Birmingham in England, Nigel Ruck moved to Australia in 1992.
Nigel started landscaping in 1990 working with fellow landscapers before establishing in 1996 his own landscaping and design business in Sydney.

He worked on Nine's Backyard Blitz program as the resident landscaper, has done stints of travel presenting on The Gurus Explore and is currently on Nine's The Garden Gurus as a landscape gardener.

Nigel enjoys the total transformation that landscaping can achieve and its different designs and innovative use of plants and materials.

Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

Bonnie-Marie Hibbs is a qualified Horticulturist, working within the industry for the last 10 years and with Gardenworld Nursery as their leading seedling buyer and manager. She loves sharing her knowledge with others, always trying to inspire people to take their first step into gardening.

Bonnie-Marie dedicates a lot of her spare time to writing her online blog, "The Gardener's Notebook" which she established in 2012, creating videos in her garden where she shares her latest garden updates, DIYs and information, as well as being a passionate photographer who loves capturing the beauty of plants through a lens. Her writing has been published on garden blogs, Australian Plant Society, magazines and she's appeared on the 3AW radio program as a guest speaker on numerous occasions.