Choosing the Right Trees and Shrubs

Episode: 5
Title: Choosing the Right Trees and Shrubs
Broadcast: 3rd October 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Trees and shrubs are important components of our suburban environment as gardens and parks with full of healthy vibrant plants massively improve the quality of our living space. But plants need to be selected with care to ensure that the right plant goes in the right spot and to avoid long term and costly issues.

  • Not all plants, especially trees are safe to plant in suburban gardens as some have adventurous and vigorous root systems that will go hunting for any source of moisture available and this can be bad news for reticulation, drainage or sewer pipes.
  • Although modern plastic water pipes are strong and completely sealed, it is possible for them to be damaged and a small hairline fracture can be all the encouragement some trees need to send their roots into the pipe, resulting in a costly and messy repair job.
  • Avoiding the drama and cost of having to replace whole sections of damaged pipework is as simple as using a local resource such as the Water Corporation website to help select your garden’s trees.
  • The website provides a great deal of information on the growth habit of many popular trees and the minimum planting distances from building and pipework which will steer even the most inexperienced gardener the right direction.
  • Another important criteria to consider would be to select waterwise plants. Hardy natives are the obvious choice, once established they will thrive on minimal water and most are low fertilizer users as well. Using less water and fertilizer is not only good for the environment but saves costs as well.
  • Beautiful, waterwise native plants not only look great but they are also an important source of nectar and habitat for our native flora.
  • Selecting the right trees and shrubs for your garden may feel onerous to begin with but by making use of available resources it can be quite simple. The Water Corporation website has an extensive and informative plant selection tool that is free and easy to use, while Waterwise Accredited landscapers and garden centres employ knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained staff who are always happy to help.

Water Corporation: Contact - 13 10 39