Aquaponic Pod

Episode: 5
Title: Aquaponic Pod
Broadcast: 3rd October 2015
Presenter: Calinda Anderson

The popularity of Aquaponics is continuing to increase as it is proven over and over again as a great way to grow edible fish and plants at home.  Even for those people who have a brown thumb, you can almost guarantee success in growing leafy greens and herbs with Aquaponics, what could be cooler than growing your own Silver Perch, Trout or Barramundi?

  • The basics of Aquaponics is that you need a grow bed with a growing medium, which can be any vessel that holds water, preferably with a depth of 10-30cm. This is then filled with some sort of growing medium to grow the plants in.
  • The size of the pond is going to be dictated by how much space you have and the amount of fish you want. The net decision to make is how big you would like your grow bed to be.
  • When it comes to the growing medium, you have two choices to grow the plants in, gravel can be used but expanded clay is generally considered the better the choice.
  • The pump size and flow rate is going to be dictated by the end size of your system.
  • There are two main methods for the delivery of water into your grow bed; flood and drain.
  • Before planting, the soil must be rinsed off the plants. Prior to putting the fish in, you would have to condition.
  • Consider using an aerator as the oxygen levels may drop.
  • Aqua System really is a great investment in your future health, with a supply of fresh vegetable, you’re guaranteed to turn a brown thumb into a green one.

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