DSATCO Triple-C Mulch

Episode: 6
Title: DSATCO Triple-C Mulch
Broadcast: 10th October 2015
Presenter: Steve Wood

Protecting our soil from the hot sun is essential, but it is equally important that we choose the right product.

  • DSATCO Triple-C Mulch is grown in WA, which means purchasing it supports WA farmers; it is ecologically sustainable and organic.
  • A 100-litre bale of DSATCO mulch will cover around 4 – 5 square metres of garden area, compressed down to 70 litres in size, the ecobale is easy to handle. Over time, this natural product will break down, enriching the soil in the most natural way possible.
  • Course open mulches applied around 75mm thick allow water to pass through and penetrate deep into the soil, while at the same time, dramatically reducing evaporation.
  • A Pasteurization process ensures they are weed free and they are naturally packed with healthy mycorrhizal fungi that helps build life in the soul and make nutrients more easily available to the plants.

DSATCO Mulch: Contact – 08 9671 1500
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