Improving Your Soil

Episode: 6
Title: Improving Your Soil
Broadcast: 10th October 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Good soil is the foundation of a healthy garden. Getting the soil right is the key to healthy plant growth. The healthier the soil, the more drought-resistant your plants will be.

  • Sandy soil, typical in WA, is naturally very nutrient poor and does not hold water well.
  • There are various soil improvement products and wetting agents that can be added to the soil to improve its water and nutrient holding capacity.
  • Expect to see a big difference by adding soil improvers such as organic matter, soil wetting agents and soil amendments such as Spongolite, Zeolite and clay.
  • The best soil improvers are those based on organic matter. Animal manures, worm farm residue, bagged soil improvers and soil conditioners are all good sources of organic matter. Lawns will also respond positively to organic matter.
  • The easiest time to improve soil is when planting, when it can be thoroughly mixed with the top 30cm of soil. You can also apply soil improver to the top of an established garden. A thick layer of soil amendment spread over a lawn will encourage healthy growth.
  • When purchasing products to improve your soil, look out for products with the Waterwise and Smart Approved WaterMark symbols. These are the preferred choice because of their relevance to WA’s climatic conditions and their water saving qualities.

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