Heide Garden Vegie Patch

Episode: 6
Title: Heide Garden Vegie Patch
Broadcast: 10th October
Presenter: Melissa King

Melissa explores the story behind the Heide Garden.

  • Founded in 1934 by John and Sunday Reed, they would open their home to like-minded individuals such as artist Sidney Nolan.
  • They nurtured a circle of artists, writers and intellectuals who contributed to Heide becoming a place for discussion, creation and promotion of modern art & literature.
  • Visitors can discover Sunday Reed’s walled garden, vegetable garden and the Neil Douglas wild garden near Heide I, the original farmhouse, and the famous Heide II kitchen garden.
  • Today the kitchen garden is nurtured and maintained by a dedicated
     team of gardeners, following the original ideal of a sustainable garden that also provides produce for the Café Vue at Heide.

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