Holman Digital Tap Timer with Moisture Sensor

Episode: 6
Title: Holman Digital Tap Timer with Moisture Sensor
Broadcast: 10th October 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Container gardening is a great way to grow your herbs and veggies, your plants are at a comfortable height so less back bending, you can refresh the soil mix with ease and position the pots and containers to maximize the sun. However, the soil in pots and containers, especially the smaller ones can dry out very quickly so keeping them well watered presents a challenge.

  • With an automatic tap timer installed, you may think that watering could not get any easier, think again, as connecting a soil moisture meter to the timer makes it even easier and better.
  • The moisture sensor is placed into the soil where the inserted probe detects the amount of moisture and sends the information back to the tap timer via the transmitter. When a certain low moisture level is reached, the timer activates the watering which means the soil can never dry out.
  • This also prevents wasteful and potentially life threatening over-watering which means your plants always have the right soil moisture for optimum growth.
  • The timer is easy to install as it fits onto a normal garden tap with its high strength connecter but ensure that the filter is in place before you screw it out.  Once in place, connect the irrigation pipe to the timer and once connected, this section stays in place permanently and to remove it, use the quick release clip.
  • The controller has a battery that tells you how much power is left and the timer won’t water if it knows that there isn’t enough power left to turn off the systems so that the joint isn’t flooded.
  • The large LCD display makes the Digital Tap Timer easy to program and watering duration can be set to hours and minutes.
  • The maximum range for the sensor is 30m away from the timer so stay well within this distance and your sensor will work like a dream.

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