Northcote Water Magic

Episode: 6
Title: Northcote Water Magic
Broadcast: 10th October 2015
Presenter: Melissa King

In the garden, Melissa shows how easy it is to install a Water Magic fountain.

  • Northcote Pottery’s Range – Water Magic contains a collection of fountains that are easy to install. All models come complete with a pump and cable, and there’s a huge range of different styles, sizes and colours to suit every garden.
  • With all of the parts included, you can simply connect the clear tube to the pump and put it in the bottom of the fountain. The cable feeds out through the hole in the back. Fill the fountain with clean water, so the pump is fully submerged, then connect the pump cable to the transformer and plug it into the power outlet – It’s that easy!
  • Always be sure to never let the pump run dry, always make sure it is fully submerged, and top up your fountain regularly.
  • If you’re looking out for a zen atmosphere, then traditional more traditional designs like the Lotus Buddha Fountain, which bubbles away, is always a choice to go for. It creates a sense of calm in the garden with built in LED lights that glow at night.
  • There are even solar powered models like the Helix Fountain. With a stylish modern design, simply connect the stake to the solar panel, put it in a spot that receives full sunlight during the day and it’s ready to go.

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