Quik Fit Palm Saw

Episode: 6
Title: Quik Fit Palm Saw
Broadcast: 10th October 2015
Presenter: Kim Syrus

One of the most popular plants in home gardens are palms because they grow in such a wide range of climatic conditions and they add an exotic feel to the yard. The problem is that some types hold on to their fronds as they grow and can look a little daggy.

  • While cleaning up the palm trunk to give it a more appealing look, using a ladder to reach and cut is not that convenient or safe. Thankfully, there is a better alternative.
  • A telescopic saw, such as Fiskars’ Quikfit Palm Saw, available from your nearest hardware store, is designed for palms and will keep both your feet firmly on the ground.
  • The 6 metre reach alone is impressive. The stainless steel saw blade cuts on both the push and pull action and it slices through the frond with ease.
  • The special blade design allows you to capture and pull down the fronds and with it being made of aluminium, it is so light and easy to manoeuver.
  • It definitely makes such a difference to your garden when you have the right tools.

Fiskars’ Quik Fit Palm Saw:
Website - http://au.fiskars.com/Gardening-Yard-Care/Products/Wood-Branches/Saws/93966935-Palm-saw