Waldecks Bentley Succulents

Episode: 7
Title: Waldecks Bentley Succulents
Broadcast: 17th October 2015
Presenter: Steve Wood

One of the biggest trends in gardening today is the resurgence in the use of succulents, making a lot of sense for gardeners to have due to their low-maintenance and waterwise benefits.

  • Some varieties of succulents are spectacular as a standalone feature, whilst a succulent garden can perform both spectacularly in appearance and low maintenance.
  • When planting your succulents, ensure that your pot has good drainage and always fill your plants with a good potting mix, ideally one with a slow release fertilizer like Waldecks’ Indoor-Outdoor Premium Potting Mix.
  • Top dress your succulent pots with stones or pebbles for maximum effect in appearance, most succulent gardens can tolerate full sun but will also put up with fair amount of shade, making them very versatile and ideal for people with busy lifestyles.
  • During summer, water twice a week to ensure that the soil is just damp but during winter, back off watering to just once a week. Succulents don’t mind the cold but they can’t handle being cold and wet, be careful not to overwater.
  • Some of the best indoor plants are succulents, varieties like Sansevieria are one of the few plants in the world that will not only survive, but also thrive indoors. They even provide as a great natural air purifier, absorbing volatile compounds that are present in our own homes.

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