DSATCO Piggy Post/DSATCO Lupin

Episode: 7
Title: DSATCO Piggy Post/DSATCO Lupin
Broadcast: 17th October 2015
Presenter: Steve Wood

We have relied on animal manures to provide the nutrition we need to enrich our soils and gardens for thousands of years. Rich in pure organics, it is already partially broken down so that the worms and microbes can take it to the next level by making it available to our plants and providing the goodness they need for optimum growth.

  • Different manures have varying rates of nutrition. When we consider their levels of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium, horse manure is at the lower end of the scale, then comes sheep, cow, poultry and finally the richest of them all is pig manure.
  • The best source of any manure is one that has been aged and composted. Fresh manure runs the risk of burning plants and can be rather fragrant to say the least.
  • When manure is composted, it develops a lovely texture that adds structure to the soil and it is a far more appealing rich earthy smell.
  • Piggy Post uses a 100% organic material, easy to spread and are rich in all the essential trace elements and minerals that our gardens need.
  • The pig manure is broken down over 12 months so with Piggy Post there are no obnoxious manure odours and it is a real soil builder.
  • As we head into the warmer part of the year is vital that we mulch because applying a thick layer of course mulch will protect the soil from the searing heat and reduce evaporation.
  • Lupin Mulch is a local West Australian product that not only protects the garden from the sun but also significantly suppresses weed growth.
  • It allows water to penetrate easily, rich in nutrition and contains beneficial michorizal fungi, keeping the soil healthy and fertile while promoting strong healthy growth.
  • Visit the TGG website and enter the code word: for your chance to win 6 Ecobales of Lupin Mulch and 6 x 35L of Piggypost valued at $255, delivered to your home.

DSATCO Piggypost/DSATCO Lupin: Contact – 08 9671 1500
Website: www.dsatco.com