Clay Plus 2. Rock Minerals

Episode: 7
Title: Clay Plus 2. Rock Minerals
Broadcast: 17th October 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Gardening in lifeless sandy soil is no fun, in fact it is often hard unrewarding work so when you find a product that permanently changes sand into loam, the ideal plant growing media, you stick with it. This is exactly what the owners of this garden have done with their recently renovated garden and the results speak for themselves.

  • Homeowners Liz and Des had spent years as well as a lot of money trying to establish a successful front lawn all to no avail. Then four years ago, they discovered Clay Plus from Soil Solver and they have since had a sensational, easy care front lawn.
  • Clay Plus is a blend of clay, minerals and silt with some special properties. The loamy soil texture it creates allows the soil to hold onto organic matter for longer, making better use of the nutrients it contains which minimize leaching and lowers fertilizer use.
  • A great advantage of using Clay Plus is that there is no need to remove the existing sand which can be costly, time consuming and hard work. Simply incorporate the Clay Plus to change the soil texture and add mature compost and well rotted animal manures as the soil food. The more throughly combined with sand using a shovel or a rotary hoe, the better it will be.
  • The balanced mineral content provides the trace elements needed for optimum growth which makes it ideal for lawns as well as gardens. When growing hungry crops like veggies and fruit trees, it is worth topping up the rock minerals, not just for stronger growing plants but for healthier more nutrient dense produce.
  • Clay Plus creates a permanent change to dry lifeless sand with no need to reapply every year, just feed the soil organisms with mature compost or well rotted manure.
  • Clay Plus makes gardening easier and more rewarding and as Liz and Des hacve found, once you’ve use Clay Plus, you will never go back to gardening the old way again.

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