Troforte Fert-O-Lawn

Episode: 7
Title: Troforte Fert-O-Lawn
Broadcast: 17th October 2015
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Ever stepped on a lawn and felt you were walking on a spongy cushion? While it may feel nice, it certainly isn’t doing your lawn a lot of good.

  • Thatch is un-decomposed stems and roots that accumulate on the lawn surface that can quickly cause problems by harboring pest and disease, and stopping water from penetrating turf.
  • Removing this thatch by cutting low with the mower or hiring a scarifier will certainly remove the thatch, but will not help slow the next build up.
  • High nitrogen fertilisers contribute to thatch, that’s why slower, more balanced feeds are preferred.
  • Troforte Fert-O-Lawn is a controlled release fertiliser, lasting 3-4 months that also contains 24 strains of beneficial microbes with some that not only eat thatch but also seeks out and attack turf soil diseases like Pithium. It’s even earthworm friendly.
  • There is no quick fast flush of growth with this product. You will see a gentle even green colour over an extended period of time. But once it’s rich green, with continued applications, it will stay that way.
  • A healthy lawn with stronger roots dramatically improves drought resistance, and coming into a long hot summer, lawns are going to need it. Deep watering and the right feed will keep your lawn looking thick and lush.

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