Telescopic Tree Pruner

Episode: 7
Title: Telescopic Tree Pruner
Broadcast: 17th October 2015
Presenter: Kim Syrus

When the centre of a tree or shrub becomes crowded, it restricts the health of the plant. Thinning out unwanted branches sounds like a big job, especially if you need to get on a ladder to get cutting. Thankfully there are easier and safer ways.

  • Traditional rope and pull tree pruners have been around for a few years and have changed the way many of us trim our trees and large shrubs. As with most tools, there are always new innovations and tree pruners are no different.
  • The Telescopic Tree Pruner from Fiskars, with its patented internal mechanism, is a sleek and immensely useful tool. Sliding out to a massive 5 and half metres, it gives you a huge reach for cutting.
  • Its high quality steel blade can slice through branches up to a whopping 32mm, not that’s serious pruning. And no need to worry about awkward facing branches, the head is completely adjustable up to 230 degrees, just set and cut.
  • Keep an eye out for these at your local garden centre. Pruning up high has got a whole lot safer and easier.

Fiskars’ Telescopic Tree Pruner:
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