COS Design

Episode: 7
Title: COS Design
Broadcast: 17th October 2015
Presenter: Bethany Williamson

There is something about a warm and inviting space that makes you feel instantly at home when you walk into a garden. That is exactly how Bethany felt walking into this garden situated in Melbourne’s trendy inner North, home to a young family of 5.

  • The living space of the house has been extended seamlessly into the garden by raising the timber deck from ground level to meet the height of the inside floor. By doing this, it has brought the outside in and made an open, relaxed environment to entertain.
  • The family’s wish list included a pool, a fire pit and several entertaining areas, all of which needed to work around the beautiful old Claret Ash. Steve Taylor from COS Design was given the task of putting all of those elements together to create this contemporary yet sophisticated space.
  • These clients wanted the garden to have the feel and style of an inner-city café, but with an industrial edge and clean lines.
  • The material selection was key to creating the right mood for the garden. The balance between the smooth and sharp lines of the bluestone and polished concrete and the textured finish of the recycled bricks and timber is perfect.
  • Fine foliage of the bamboo is used on the boundaries to soften the hard surfaces and Clivia and Arthropodium work well with their strong leaf.
  • A smoky grey pool tile was chosen to create the colour of the ocean and the sound of water comes from the square water feature at the back of the pool. One interesting and clever element of this design is the steel and timber arbours that protrude over the pool. They have been designed to create a feeling of enclosure while in the pool.
  • Great design has the ability to transform the way we feel and interact in a space. This design is a great example of how to make the garden a part of the home and how to bring the outside in.

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