Working with Businesses, Aquatic Centers and Councils PT1

Episode: 8
Title: Working with Businesses, Aquatic Centers and Councils PT1
Broadcast: 24th October 2015
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

By 2060, around 5 million people will be calling WA home and in just 20 years we will need 40% more water than we use today. Saving water around the home has become second nature for most of us and you will be pleased to know it’s not just householders taking up the waterwise challenge.

  • Since 2007, Water Corporation has been helping businesses use water wisely by encouraging them to assess how water is used in their operations with help from Waterwise experts then create a water efficiency management program setting targets to reduce water usage and use water more efficiently.
  • There are a number of specialized water wise programs designed to help different businesses and local government to save water.
  • The Waterwise Office Program is run in conjunction with the Property Council of Australia and City of Perth and helps save water in large office buildings.
  • The Perth office of the Department of Education and Aboriginal Affairs have waterwise gardens and irrigated on a strict timetable using bore water. Inside all taps are low flow including the showers.
  • The air-conditioning system for the computer rooms and data centre was changed from a chilled water system that was connected to the main building’s air-conditioning cooling towers to a waterless air cooled direct expansion air-conditioning system.
  • This results in a significant drop in water consumption as the computer rooms and data centre runs 24/7 all year round.

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