Verging on Disaster

Episode: 8
Title: Verging on Disaster
Broadcast: 24th October 2015
Presenter: Chris Ferreira

How sad it is to see Mt Trash on the verge! Everywhere our insatiable appetite for the shiny and new leads us to toss the old and outdated, ready for the ‘trash fairies’ to take it away. But we need to be clear: when it is on the verge it will be scooped up and dumped in a great big hole! No reuse or recycling, just tragic waste and pollution.

  • So why not put your verge throw out onto a crash diet and start by seeing what your local charity can take as long as it’s in good working order, they can usually find a home for it. E-waste such as TVs, phones and computers can now be recycled through groups like Total Green Recycling. Check with your council or the Recycle Right website for details.
  • One of my absolute favorite ways to vanquish the verge pile up, make some cash, meet new friends and get involved in a program that is literally taking Australia by storm is to sign up for the Garage Sale Trail.
  • In its fifth year, this amazing program has saved over 1 million items from landfill, raised over $1Million for charity, $3million in sales and helped over 800,000 get good and neighborly. Not surprising that it is a big hit with the WA Waste Authority who took the bold step to support this award-winning program.
  • The program has been so popular in Perth as people just seem to be captivated by the creativity, the fun and the community engagement the program offers. It has nearly half of WA councils involved and many have huge interest amongst their ratepayers.
  • It has an amazing momentum and a great way to get important waste messages out there in the community. It is free to buyers and sellers and anyone can get involved from households, to mens sheds, schools and charities all taking part in selling all sorts of things.
  • The Garage Sale Trail will be happening on the 24th of October this year but it will be on again this time next year so check out their website.

Garage Sale Trail