Energy Turf & Grosorb

Episode: 7
Title: Energy Turf & Grosorb
Broadcast: 24th October 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

A great lawn doesn’t just happen, the best lawns are built on great foundations and clever maintenance, especially when it comes to survive our long, hot dry climates.

  • Western Australia has some of the worst soils anywhere in the world, so before laying down any lawn, a suitable soil preparation and effective irrigation system is a must. Get these right and you’re well on your way to a wonderful, sustainable lawn.
  • It is important to feed your lawn with a well-balanced complete fertiliser that will generate healthy, sustainable growth, growth that will stand up to our extreme summers without excessive amounts of water.
  • Baileys Energy Lawn is one such product, containing the full range of vital nutrients and trace elements that will keep your lawn well nourished and looking great, while the addition of Humates and Zeolites means you will not only be feeding your lawn, but you will also be improving the soil below.
  • To ensure your lawn is as drought tolerant as possible without excessive amounts of water, you must encourage the root system of the lawn to establish as deep a root system can, and this is done by ensuring the water you apply soaks in deeply and thoroughly.
  • A smart approved and Waterwise approved wetting agent like Bailey’s Grosorb is the ideal product to make your water work as hard as possible and to prevent hydrophobic soils and wasted water. This is a long lasting wetting agent with only two applications required per year.

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