Troforte M Fruit and Citrus

Episode: 8
Title: Troforte M Fruit and Citrus
Broadcast: 24th October 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Everyone loves a nice cold fruit salad during our warm Aussie summer days. And home grown ones could not taste any sweeter! To make sure you get the best tasting healthiest fruit, you have to act now!

  • Growing tasty fruit and citrus requires a lot of sun and fertile soil with reliable drainage and water. Get these right and you’re well on your way to success, but for even more success, use a good quality fertilizer because fruit trees often need an extra boost especially when producing fruit.
  • Troforte have come up with a specific plant food for fruit and citrus which is so packed full of good gear which for the plants and the soil, they’re all over the absorption.
  • Troforte M Fruit and Citrus has 24 strains of Australian beneficial soil microbes and fungi that play a vital role in improving and maintaining soil health which is absolutely vital to grow healthy fruit and veggies.
  • It has up to 60 natural minerals that are broken down in the soil by microbes and thus, made available for fruit and veggies to take up.
  • The controlled release/slow release fertiliser will release nutrients over a specified period of time as plants require it.
  • The probiotic microbes that repair and reinvigorate soils which over time will reduce or eliminate the need to use chemical pesticides and herbicides. The beneficial microbes in Troforte also help fight many soil borne diseases naturally.
  • Many fruit trees are also good to grow in pots and containers and Troforte is great for these too as it helps rejuvenate tired potting mixes.

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