Episode: 8
Title: Mirvac
Broadcast: 24th October 2015
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Housing has seen a rapid change from the traditional single dwelling on a quarter acre block to larger subdivisions with affordable homes and shared amenities. Osprey Waters takes its name from the majestic Osprey birds that live and feed around a fish-filled estuary, located in the coastal town of Mandurah, 70km south of Perth. It is a newly designed development by the experienced property group, Mirvac.

  • Landscape architect, Zac Field explains that it is a fantastic site and the potential for lifestyle is great with activities such as fishing, running, cycling, crabbing and also ready-built designated shelters and BBQ areas, fitness nodes along the dual-use foreshores.
  • Chief architect, Sid Thoo has designed and incorporated cutting edge eco-principles into this project. One of the tools used to measure environmental and energy footprints is the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, with the minimum rating being 6 stars and our sustainable demonstration home has a rating of 7 stars.
  • A lifecycle assessment tool called E-Tool is used to look at all of the energy that goes into the making the building itself as well as the energy that the building is going to run on its entire lifespan. Osprey Waters has a gold star E-Tool rating meaning it has about 40% less carbon footprint than a standard residential home.
  • The right building orientation will provide free heating in the winter and keeps the sun out during summer.
  • Structural innovative panels, made up of polystyrene core sandwiched between two layers of orange and strand board is used to create a highly insulated building fabric which makes it very low energy required to heat or cool the building.
  • The usage of double-glazed window, a high performing window allows the sun in during winter and blocks it out during summer.
  • The estuary is a very unique piece of Mandurah landscape and eco-system. Thus, great care has been taken by Mirvac in order to preserve the ospreys’ natural habitat to enhance the native flora and landscaping.
  • Well thought out, well-designed and well-constructed pretty well sums up Osprey Waters so head to their website for more information. And if you are looking at choosing a place to live, look beyond the house, to the community and the amenities on offer.

Mirvac – Contact: 08 9424 9900
Website: http://www.mirvac.com