National Waterwise Week

Episode: 9
Title: National Waterwise Week
Broadcast: 31st October 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Ever heard of the saying “Kids can be inspirational”? Well they can! And while we’re all talking about ways we can save our state’s future water supply our kids are one step ahead.

  • South Fremantle high school has been part of the Water Corporation’s free water educational program for a few years.
  • Smart water thinking is being very conservative about your water use and taking how much water you’re using into account.
  • The school has installed tap timers for consistent watering routines, they use mulch and wetting agents to keep the soil cool and moist during dry periods and are constantly checking their taps to ensure there are no water leaks.
  • The gardens are re-mulched just in time for summer and water saving devices is fitted.
  • The green action team is the school’s environmental aid team, planting trees, plants whilst keeping water conservation in mind.

Water Corporation: Contact - 13 10 39