Butchart Gardens

Episode: 9
Title: Butchart Gardens
Broadcast: 31st October 2015
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor shows one of his most favourite gardens of all time, located in Vancouver Island just near Victoria and it has an incredible history; Butchart Gardens.

  • Jenny Butchart saw the potential of transforming an exhausted limestone quarry into a beautiful garden paradise.
  • The soil used to maintain the gardens was scoured across the island and brought back via horse and cart.
  • The garden is still a private garden that is open for all of the public to take in and enjoy, it is owned by the great granddaughter of the Butchart’s who is very involved with the gardens as all family members have been.
  • For the summer display, over 280,000 annuals, shrubs and plant material is planted for display. During December onto late January, the garden becomes more of a nighttime garden for the Christmas seasons.
  • During Spring, one of the restaurants is transformed into a big indoor display so that visitors always have a taste of spring during that year.

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