Transplanting – Frangipani

Title: Transplanting – Frangipani
Episode:  1
TX Date: 19/03/2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

In 2014 Trevor was promised two beautiful frangipani trees from a house that was being demolished. These two trees have been successfully transplanted into Trevor’s garden and are growing really well so far. They were planted into top quality potting mix, protected from strong winds and settled in with Seasol. Fast-forward to today and we have another Frangipani tree that needs a new home.

  • This 75-year-old tree lived in someone’s garden in a Perth suburb. The tree was planted up into a 1000-liter planter bag and taken to Trevor’s house, where it was soaked with Seasol and allowed time to recover.
  • The trick with getting the tree into its new home is making sure any of the structural branches aren’t damaged in the process.
  • Using bags of potting mix as a cushion, the tree is strapped down onto the truck and all fingers are crossed for a safe journey to its new home.
  • The small hire truck managed to lift the 1-tonne tree onto its back and a 55-tonne crane was used to lift the tree carefully 20 meters above the buildings. Slowly and steadily the tree is carefully lifted into its new home at The Beaufort Local in Highgate.
  • The tree has gone through as little shock as possible during this process, but unfortunately we did have to chop back some roots and remove some soil from around them.
  • To avoid any set backs, the root ball was soaked in Seasol, the team added some Seasol planting gel to the base of the planter box it’s going to live in and the Frangipani has been planted in the finest quality potting mix, Bailey’s Premium Potting Mix.
  • Four months later and the root growth and flower production are simply amazing. The secret? The roots need to be stimulated all the time and this is where Seasol comes into play.
  • One of the other important things you can do is make sure the tree (of this size) is watered 3 times a week, 100-liters each time.
  • Why destroy a magnificent, mature tree when a house gets demolished? We recycled this tree instead and watched it grow from something that would have been flattened in a demolition to the centerpiece of a new beer garden, a job well done.


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