Eden Garden

Episode: 3
Title: Part 1 Eden Garden
Broadcast: 2 April 2016
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

In this segment Nigel takes us to Eden Garden nursery in Macquarie Park, Sydney. The gardens have an excellent nursery and great display gardens to walk around in, you can see how plants are growing in the local climate and gain inspiration from the different designs and layouts. Nigel walks us through these garden displays, a lovely place to wander through and relax amongst nature.

  • The display gardens showcase a range of different garden styles, from Native Gardens to Oriental and Water Gardens. There is also the Rooftop Succulent Gardens to inspire those with small or difficult areas to garden.
  • The recently renovated vertical gardens have been transformed with Bromeliads and Boston Ferns into a modern grotto.  Mosaic walls add a graphic edge to the green wall.
  • At Eden, there are lots of easy ways to transform your fences and walls and make them living additions; some areas might provide a vertical harvest, where potted plants might act as a “room” dividers or mirrored window boxes can create interest to blank walls.
  • Try the easy to grow Plume Poppy (Macleaya Cordata) a striking architectural plant with olive grey green lacy foliage and buff white flowers.
  • The Canary Island Foxglove grows quite happily here and has a stunning apricot coloured spear of flowers in summer and autumn.
  • The Natal Flame Tree (Red plant) is a small shrub with glossy leaves and glowing flowers.
  • More unusual plants coming to Eden soon include a collection of Angel’s Trumpets with their spectacular flowers, and the closely related Lochroma with similar tubular flowers.

P: (02) 9491 9900
W: http://www.edengardens.com.au