Eden Garden Displays Part 2

Episode: 4
Title: Part 2 Eden Garden Displays
Broadcast: 9 April 2016
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

We continue our walk through Eden Garden Displays with Nigel Ruck. In this segment we look at water gardens and water recycling, and Eden has a lot to be proud of when it comes to water.

  • Water gardens can vary in size and purpose. From a water bowl to creating a billabong or an ephemeral creek of river pebbles.
  • The common thing needed for success is diversity, creating a rich balance and ecosystem. If the water is stagnant it needs to be aerated and include fish to eat mosquito larvae.
  • At Eden, water from the building’s roof is redirected into the creek where the plats act as filters, absorbing nutrients, till the excess makes its way down to the storage reservoir where it can be recycled into the garden.
  • The reservoir has a stunning spiral of steel creating a visually exciting sink at the bottom of the garden.
  • Marvelous Hostas¸ reeds, Canna lilies, Cunjevois, Elephant’s ears, Iris and the giant leafed Gunnera line the creek, whilst water lilies and Lotus flowers populate a formal water garden, which runs as a central axis in the garden.
  • A similar system works in the nursery, only the tank is underground and the ‘’creek’’ is a gabion style lined slot caved into the rear of the nursery, planted with Papyrus and Bulrushes, Cannas and flag lilies.
  • Floral displays are incorporated into the display garden.
  • Eden has a community focus too, with hundreds of bulbs being planted as part of the Cancer Council Daffodil Day Initiative.
  • A special daffodil garden and commemorative area with remembrance plaques is included at Eden.
  • Potted Eden is another unique element in the garden retail area.

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