Bush Tucker Plants and Produce

Episode: 5
Title: Bush Tucker Plants and Produce
Broadcast: 16th April
Steve Wood

Steve takes a tour through Maalinup Aboriginal Gallery where he samples some delicious bush tucker delights that everyone can enjoy.

  • Maalinup Aboriginal Gallery is located in the beautiful Swan Valley and offers what is arguably Western Australia’s best selection of bush food.
  • The Kurrajong Tree produces pods with nutritious yellow seeds that when harvested and roasted, they can be grinded into flour. This flour is used to make nutritious cakes and bread.
  • The Dryandra or nicknamed the “Honey-pot” is a plant that produces sweet nectar in a miniature pot-like pod. 
  • The Black Wattle or “Witchetty Tree” is a shrub like tree that produces seeds that can be grinded into flour, but it is most famous for its abundance of Witchetty Grub within the roots of the tree. The Witchetty Grub is an edible insect that, when cooked, is said to taste like roast chicken.
  • The Quandong fruit is a unique Australian fruit that has adapted to arid environments. The Quondong fruit is commercially grown as a bush food and can be made into a jam, it is especially healthy as it is high in vitamin C.