Frost Protection with Seasol

Episode: 5
Title: Frost Protection with Seasol
Broadcast: 16th April
Melissa King

Frost can be damaging and even devastating to plants, and it’s easy to be taken off guard by an unexpected frosty night, but there are things that can be done to reduce the impact that Frost has on our plants.

  • When applying Seasol regularly, it can help manage frost damage; the kelp harvested to make Seasol holds an anti-freeze property that helps bolster plants against frost.
  • The anti-freeze effect reduces plant damage but also hastens the return to productive growth when temperatures improve.
  • You can’t just apply Seasol when a frosty night is forecast; you need to condition your plants first. Give your garden a good dose of Seasol every one to two weeks, and applying it regularly for a few months before frost hits, your plants will be able to endure it far better.
  • By applying Seasol regularly, you’re not only helping your plants stand up better to frosty conditions, you’re also getting all of the other benefits such as; strong healthy root development, better growth and performance and resilient plants that are more resistant to all kinds of stress.

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