The Garden Gurus to the Rescue – Water Lily Success

Episode: 5
Title: The Garden Gurus to the Rescue – Water Lily Success
Broadcast: 16th April
Presenter: Calinda Anderson

Calinda comes to the rescue when a Garden Gurus Facebook friend is having trouble growing water lilies.

  • The number one problem that you may face when growing water lilies is algaecides. Using algaecides in your pond more often than not has a detrimental effect on water lilies and may sometimes kill them. Seek out natural remedies like bacteria’s, better filtration and zeolites.
  • Another problem when growing water lilies is lack of sun and nutrients. If you have a pond in full shade, your water lilies are not going to have full blooms, but with about to six to seven hours of full sunlight a day and fertilising them regularly with two to three pellets every couple of months over the growing season, expect successful growth from your water lilies.
  • Make sure not to place your water lilies on the bottom of the pond; water lilies like to be anchored to the base, in a pot and surrounded by a thick layer of fine gravel. Lily pads are adaptive as you can place them underwater and within 24 – 48 hours, they will grow to meet the water level. The gravel also stops fish from disturbing the root zone.
  • When dividing your water lilies, you want to do so every two to three years. Compact growth will produce smaller leaves and less flowering for your lilies, the best time to divide your overgrown lilies would be during the beginning of the growing season.
  • People sometimes mistakenly throw their lilies away thinking that they’ve died. Water lilies have a winter dormancy period in which they lose all of their leaves and flowers. Be patient and give them a chance to grow in spring and summer with a bit of fertiliser.
  • Calinda’s Five Favourite Water Lilies:
    - Gladstone Hardy Water Lily
    - Martin Randig Tropical Water Lily
    - White Knight Tropical Night Flowering Water Lily
    - St. Louis Gold Tropical Water Lily
    - Comanche Orange Hardy Water Lily