Unusual Fruiting Plants

Episode: 6
Title: Unusual Fruiting Plants
Broadcast: 23rd April
Presenter: Steve Wood

Steve loves his fruit plants and displays a selection of unusual fruit plant varieties from Tass1 Trees.

  • Tass1 Trees is a specialist fruit tree nursery that sells both common and uncommon fruit tree varieties.
  • When it comes to passionfruit; “Sunshine Special” is a more unusual species. It has a vigorous nature, making it ideal for screening and covering- including fences and gates. The large fruits cover the plant for around six months of the year; you can also easily grow them yourself from a cutting.
  • Having citrus in the backyard is an absolute must, the unusual Australian Finger Lime is a bit quirky but they are bursting full of flavour. Their lovely caviar texture is ideal for cooking, they can be made into drinks and are available in a wide arrange of varieties.
  • The Barbados cherry is a medium sized shrub that produces pink flowers and crops of delicious crimson cherries up to three times a year. The fruit has a tropical cherry flavour and contains over 30 times the amount of vitamin C that you get from an orange.
  • The Babaco is a type of fruit that is easy to grow at home; it’s a close relative of the paw-paw and is best grown by cutting. It will start to produce fruit in around its second year. It has a sherbet-like flavour and it aids with digestion, making it perfect after a meal.