Seasol Powerfeed for Veggies

Episode: 7
Title: Powerfeed for Veggies
Broadcast: 30th April
Presenter: Mel

Autumn is a time when we see a change over in the veggie patch. You might still be picking a few things as the harvest comes to an end, but it’s still time to refresh the beds with a new palette of plants.

  • Autumn is a good time to plant cool season vegies like cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts and broccoli. Also fast growing leafy greens like lettuces and sliver beet.
  • Water seedlings with Seasol when planting to encourage good root development.
  • Vegetable crops like their food and choosing the right fertiliser can be the difference between an okay crop and a great one.
  • Leafy greens like lettuces and silver beet enjoy a good dose of nitrogen. Potassium is vital for a good crop of flowers and fruit. Phosphorous is essential for root development.
  • You need a plant food with a good balance of all of those things listed above plus a bit more, such as Powerfeed for Veggies.
  • Powerfeed for Veggies is made for the kitchen garden, promoting vigorous growth and larger yields of bigger, brighter and tastier vegetables.
  • It is designed to stimulate flowering and fruiting for a better crop.
  • It is also a soil conditioner that nourishes and improves the soil while stimulating the growth of beneficial microbes, which are important for happy, healthy plants.
  • It is organically based and contains fish, highly soluble nutrients and liquid compost, as well as more humic and trace elements.
  • Apply it to your kitchen garden and potted vegetables every 2-4 weeks. You see results quickly.

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