Straw Gardens and Fawkes House

Episode: 7
Title: Straw Gardens Fawkes House
Broadcast: 30th April
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor takes us to Fawkes House and Spa, an award-winning retreat, perfect for getting away from the busy city.

  • The garden on the property is 1.6 acres big with a winery next-door.
  • The gardening technique used is a different form of straw-bale gardening.
  • A layer of sheep poo is placed over the dry straw bales and the plants are planted into potting compost.
  • Another technique is used to grow seeds. The bales of straw are split, sheep poo is added, as well as a trail of potting compost and the result is seeded into. This technique keeps the seeds moist allowing good germination.
  • Many believe that the straw adds carbon to the soil, improving its ability to deliver nutrients and hold moisture.
  • The organics are a valuable food source for microbes, which in turn activate and feed the soil so the straw does wonders for the soil’s general health.
  • Fawkes House and Spa has been open for 11 years and hosts 4 guests at a time in 2 separate cottages.
  • The gardens are home to a number of native birds and mammals including bandicoots.