To the Rescue: Repotting

Episode: 7
Title: The Garden Gurus to the Rescue – Re-potting
Broadcast: 30th April
Presenter: Nigel

Nigel helps Karen re-pot her Gunnera plant.

  • The Gunnera plant is being moved into a bigger man-made pot.
  • The pot is a water well pot made from an old fertiliser tub with a hole in the front for overflow.
  • Inside the tub there is gal mesh sitting on top of bricks, lined with geotextile fabric. Tuck the fabric under the mesh so it can suck water up into the soil.
  • Add the potting mix. Gunnera love moisture, so extra water crystals are added as well. When wet, water crystals store the water and hold it in the root zone where needed.
  • Carefully transfer the Gunnera into the centre of the new pot, topping it up with more potting mix.
  • With such large leaves, a lot of moisture and nutrients are needed, so power feed is added and watered in with seasol solution.