Episode: 8
Title: Aquatec
Broadcast: 7 May 2016
Presenter: Calinda

Calinda introduces us to the Aquapro 2000 All in One. Perfect if you are the owner of a small pond and want a better option on how to keep it looking good, or if you are thinking about installing a new pond and are a bit daunted by what equipment you might need.

  • The Aquapro is an all in one, in pond, pump, filter and UV, all combined into a small box with a low voltage power cable.
  • It’s a great compact design and installation is simple, placing it in the pond and plugging it in.
  • The pump draws water into the unit. The hard casing has a large area intake, which prevents leaves from getting into the pump.
  • As the water passes through the cage it then goes through a foam filter that will catch finer particles and debris.
  • The water continues to pass through the 3 cartridges, where beneficial bacteria grows, then through the ultra violet light which clarifies and polishes the water. Ultra violet (UV) light kills all single celled organisms, which is essentially green water.
  • The water is then sent up and out through the fountainhead. You get 3 different heads that are all adjustable to suit your water depth. A range of hose fitting comes with the kit for lots of different applications. You can use a hose fitting to go direct to a waterfall, feature or cascade, or you can run both at the same time.
  • The pump is 2000lt per hour, covering most small to medium backyard ponds.
  • Other applications include using it in your aquaponics system to further assist in the clarity and cleanliness of the water.
  • Retro fitting it into any existing ponds will be easy. It is also an easy and economical choice for ponds that are above ground or have no room around the outside for external pipe work and filters.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is still required every 3-4 months. When lifting it out of the pond do not pull it by the power cord or the fountainhead as they may break.
  • Undo one small screw and unclip the lid. The foam matting should be washed out in a bucket of pond water to maintain as much of the good bacteria as possible. The filter cartridges only require a small rinse.
  • The pump should be cleaned out and the UV globe changed at least once a year to ensure clear healthy water.
  • To access and clean the impellor of the pump remove the UV and twist off the front cover, being careful not to drop or break the ceramic shaft.
  • The UV is accessed by unscrewing the housing. Never touch the UV globe with your fingers, always use a cloth or tissue.
  • Then position the pump, UV, and cartridges followed by the foam matting, then the lid. The process should take about 4-5 minutes.