Megan's Garden - Fruit Trees and Edibles

Episode: 9
Title: Megan's Garden - Fruit Trees and Edibles
Broadcast: 15th May 2016
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Nigel visits Garden Guru viewer and friend Megan to find out the secret behind her success with fruit trees.

  • When growing your own citrus and fruit trees it is important to use a good quality fertiliser and manure. Megan has utilised the fresh manure from animals on her property.
  • Why not plant some unusual varieties of citrus? Megan’s garden is flourishing with Quince Apples, Tangelo and Lemonade. Contact your local nursery to see what varieties are available in your area.
  • If you are are already growing your own citrus check out Nigel’s guide to pruning citrus