Seasol and Seasol Planting Gel

Episode: 1
Title: Seasol – 12 Secrets to Gardening Success: Seasol and Seasol Planting Gel
Broadcast: August 13th 2016
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

To get your plants performing at their absolute best is an area that a lot of people struggle with. Don’t panic! You just need to know a few secrets to success. Nigel shares some of his great gardening tips.

  • Seaweed has long been regarded as beneficial to plant growth and has been used for centuries by gardeners around the world. Packed with nutrients, microbes and all things plants love. Washed up seaweed can be put on your garden, added to the compost or you can get it in a bottle.
  • Seasol is a certified organic plant tonic made from the finest brown kelp found in the most pristine waters and collected and harvested using the best environmentally sustainable techniques. You can use it all year round on all plants.
  • Seasol promotes healthy growth, stimulates strong root development and enhances flowering and fruiting. It also increases tolerance to stress from heat, drought, frost and even insect and fungal attack. Seasol improves seed germination rates and reduces transplant shock.
  • All of that beneficial seaweed gear has been formulated into a Planting Gel and this formula contains water storage crystals. The idea is to place a scoop at the bottom of your planting hole and plant your plant over the top.
  • Seasol Planting Gel will give your plant the absolute best start in life. It rehydrates when it gets watered and will last up to 5 years, delivering nutrients and water at the root zone where it’s needed.
  • Nigel has been using Seasol in his garden in Sydney for a few years now and the results speak for themselves. Look at the growth on his plants!

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