Kings Park Wildflowers

Episode: 1
Title: Kings Park Wildflowers
Broadcast: August 13th 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane


The southwest corner of Western Australia is recognized internationally as a biodiversity hotspot. The plants that have evolved here over the hundreds of thousands of years are completely unique.

  • The plants grown here have adapted to a very harsh, dry climate. They get about 800mm rainfall per year, which is all in a 12-week period. This tends to flush the nutrients through the soil meaning most nutrients are derived from organic material such as leaf litter and rock minerals.
  • Kangaroo Paw is a classic example of a beautiful Native and is found in backyards across the world. Much breeding has been done to develop many different types, colours and sizes.
  • Trevor shows us the Dwarf Kangaroo Paw (Cat Paws), the Evergreen Perennial, the Black Kangaroo Paw and the Mangles Kangaroo Paw. They all have come common traits and hate to be waterlogged.
  • Everlastings are also one of Trevor’s favourites. The perfect time to plant these is in Autumn and there is a stunning display north of Perth. If you can’t travel north you can always enjoy them at Kings Park.