Holman Misting Kit

Episode: 1
Title: Holman Misting Kit
Broadcast: August 13th 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Now is the time to be growing your plants from seed and Trevor shares the perfect way to grow plants and save money at the same time. He shows us the Holman Misting System, which is the perfect way to get your seeds off to the best start.

  • To get started, build your greenhouse. You’ll need one with a cover to ensure humidity and warmth during cooler days. Once constructed it should be placed in good sunlight to allow a perfect temperature for germinating seeds.
  • Next up make sure you fill your pots with seed raising mix. Trevor likes the ones that have coco peat in them to help hold moisture. Don’t push the mix in too hard; just firm it down lightly.
  • Next consider the types of seeds to plant. Trevor spreads the seeds across the top of each pot along with a layer of sand to help secure the seeds.
  • A light watering and a little bit of Seasol will stimulate growth. The soil must remain moist, which is where the Holman Misting Kit comes in handy. Ideal for germinating seeds because the fine mist encourages good growth and consistent moisture around the developing roots.
  • The preferred way to run the Misting System is using a Holman’s Tap Timer, which allows multiple starts per day and maintains short, sharp bursts of mist for a high-moisture environment.
  • The moisture and high humidity will ensure rapid growth within a couple of weeks and the plants will eventually be placed in a Holman’s Greenwall and/or a Holman Raised Garden Bed.

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