Indoor Plants

Episode: 2
Title: Indoor Plants
Broadcast: August 20th
Presenter: Melissa King

Indoor plants are back in a big way and decorative bowls and jars right through to stylish terrariums are being used for the interior décor of our homes. Melissa creates a Kokedama ball otherwise known as a Japanese Moss ball.

  • Anything can be used from Maidenhair Ferns to Zebra plants
  • A good soil mix is needed, a combination of Bonsai Gardening Mix and Peet Moss works well
  • Pack the soil around the roots to form a nice ball then use Sphagnum Moss and twine to wrap around the plant.
  • This can then be hung or displayed in a nice decorative saucer
  • Be sure to keep a spray bottle handy so that the plant doesn’t dry out.