Centennial Park - Wisteria

Episode: 2
Title: Centennial Park - Wisteria
Broadcast: August 20th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Despite the rain the pruning still needs to take place. Nigel visits Centennial Park and talks to David about the secrets of successfully pruning Wisteria. David explains how the Wisteria is pruned twice yearly as it gives a framework to work to in winter.

  • Timing is critical for the winter prune as the buds are starting to swell
  • Don’t grow them in the shade or a shady position, as it’s a climbing plant it will keep climbing to find the light.
  • Be sure not to use a Nitrogen fertilizer as it will promote green leafy growth and less flowers.
  • Late August or Early September take a walk through Sydney Botanical Gardens to see them at their finest