Spring Banquet - Heronswood Gardens, Mornington Penisula

Episode: 2
Title: Spring Banquet/ Heronswood Gardens, Mornington Penisula
Broadcast: August 20th
Presenter: Melissa King

Spring is a great time for planting but also to reap all the rewards from all the hard work done through winter. Melissa takes us into the Heronswood Gardens in Mornington Penisula and presents some different leafy green varieties that are now ready to be a Spring Banquet.

  • Five Colour Silverbeet in the Red an Gold variety have Rainbow colour stems and maintain their great colour when cooked
  • This Silver beet also come with Pink, Orange and White stems and can be used to create a colorful stir-fry
  • Kale is the super-food of veggie’s and is packed with Anti-Oxidants, full of vitamin K, A, C and Fiber
  •  Red Russian variety have blue green leaves and are great for salads
  • Romanesco Broccoli is an Italian Heirloom variety that has Lime green head with a delicate texture and flavor.