Tropical Fruit - Babaco

Episode: 2
Title: Tropical Fruit/Babaco
Broadcast: August 20th
Presenter: Melissa King

Gardening Down South often means we don’t get the tropical fruits of the North, which is why Babaco tree otherwise known as Champagne fruit is a good alternative. Melissa cuts open one of the fruit to show what they look like and how very similar they are to the Paw Paw or Papaya.

  • It offers big torpedo like fruit and has been given the name ‘Champagne fruit’ as the inside of the flesh is effervescent and very refreshing.
  • The fruit tastes like sherbet
  • Champagne fruit are compact growers at full height grow to roughly 2.5metres tall and have lush palm like leaves
  • They are more frost tolerant than a Paw Paw, and will often recover well if exposed to frost
  • Champagne fruit enjoy lots of sun and like to be protected from the wind.
  • The fruit do not need a mate to ripen and can ripen off the plant