Rooftop Gardens part 2

Episode: 5
Title: Rooftop Gardens pt 2 – 140 William Street
Broadcast: September 10th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Rooftop gardens are visually appealing, provide a recreational space and are energy efficient. Trevor discusses the particular plant varieties chosen for the green roof at One40William Street in Perth City and the difference of the elevated garden to the floor garden.

  • The selection of these particular plants on this rooftop are very hardy and tough West Australian natives and succulents. There’s Chalksticks and Kalanchoes, as well as Myoporums, Grevilleas.
  • Because of the elevation there’s a lot more wind action, more exposure to the sun from the reflection of the buildings, as well as shade and only a couple hundred millimeters of soil to work with.
  • There’s a lot of things working against these plants so they have to have a regular fertilising program, making use of liquid and slow release fertilisers. These really keep the leaf and the root zones healthy.
  • Although they have chosen low maintenance plants, the design team hasn’t had to compromise with flower as the Kangaroo Paw are doing really well here. They have chosen a couple of different varieties, which provides a great sense of colour.