Episode: 5
Title: Bamboo
Broadcast: September 10th
Presenter: Melissa King

Mel shows us the different types we can plant and how we can utilise Bamboo it in our gardens.

  • The clumping forms of Bamboo make the most fantastic and attractive plants and screens. Not only is Bamboo super strong, it has been used to build everything from houses and flooring to everyday items.
  • In many countries the leaves and palms have been used to make all sorts of every day items such as furniture and baskets. Even the young chutes of many species can be eaten and from a design point of view, they’re the perfect choice for Asian or tropical inspired gardens.
  • The Mountain Clumping Bamboo grows wilder on the lower altitude Himalayas. The real feature of this plant is the really striking blue stems, which get even more intense in the cold and they really do make a beautiful screen.
  • Gracilis is a super striking clumping variety with tall straight canes and attractive green-blue stems. It can reach a height of 5-6-metres in most situations, great for screening out the neighbors or in big decorative pots.
  • Black Bamboo are the running bamboos you might like to consider for pots. The feature of this plant is the stunning black stems that contrast with the lush green foliage. This bamboo makes an attractive hedge or screen in a contained area and looks beautiful in a decorative pot. Place in full sun for best colour.
  • If you’re after something bamboo-esque without the imposing height then look for varieties such as a Japanese Sacred Bamboo. It’s not actually related to bamboo but the foliage is very similar.