Holman – 3005 Digital Tap Timer & New Moulded Brass Manifold

Episode: 5
Title: Holman – 3005 Digital Tap Timer & New Moulded Brass Manifold
Broadcast: September 10th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

As your plants start to grow and the weather dries out during summer, you’re going to need to supplement the soil moisture levels with accurate watering. This is where the Australian innovated Holman Tap Timer comes in handy.

  • Tap mounted timers come in many options although the reality is they all have different features. Technology has improved so much these days that you get many of the benefits from a traditional wall-mounted time clock out of a simple battery powered tap timer.
  • Programming a Holman tap timer to do what you want and when is simple. Follow the instructions and for those intuitive people that don’t need instruction can work it out. Pick the day and time first then pick the run time: you have four options a day.
  • If it’s a garden bed, look for a morning at 5am. If it’s pots and hanging baskets, you should water in the early morning and in the evening for about 3-minutes per station. Don’t waste water and remember too much water will flush the nutrients out of plants anyway.
  • The misting system can be run three times a day in spring and four times a day in summer for brief bursts. Leave plants inside moist (but not soaked)
  • Distributing water across a garden using a tap timer is made so much easier when you’ve got yourself brass manifolds. Brass is strong and can handle very high pressures easily for those of us living with high-pressure supply issues.
  • The levers used here are a simple shut-off/shut-on mechanism, allowing you to always leave the tap on and only water with manual devises such as the hose you want.
  • The system increases your ability to use water when days are hot and they cover large areas. It is suitable for garden beds, misting systems and small pots or hangers.

P: (08) 9204 1011
W: www.holmanindustries.com.au