Holman Emitters and Applications

Episode:  8
Title: Holman Emitters and Applications
Broadcast: October 1st
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Now’s the time to target the dry spots in your garden and set up the correct irrigation, Trevor shows you emitters for any garden situation, choosing the right emitter can save your plants, time and water.

  • Holman Emitters are great to prevent water stress during summer.
  • Micro sprays are best used in areas where there is not a lot of wind, and come in full, half and quarter spray.
  • Mini Butterfly sprinklers are ideal for accurately distributing your water to the root region and cover 3-4 meters.
  • In garden beds that are filled with perennials metal, full and half circle heads are best used for a deep soaking.
  • Drip Hoses are recycled and come in 15m and 30m for those long stretches.
  • Drip tubes are another option that allows complete coverage delivering water directly to the root system reducing evaporation.
  • Inline drip-system comes in 13m length and they have no overspray therefore fungal diseases are reduced.

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