Centennial Park Colour

Episode: 9
Title: Centennial Park Colour
Broadcast: October 8th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Have you thought about planting some annuals this season? You can get virtually any colour under the sun and all sorts of beautiful flowers. Nige shows us a variety of beautiful flowers at Centennial Park in Sydney.

  • The ranunculuses are some of Nigel’s favourites. The size of the bloom is amazing. When you look at the shape and form of the flower it’s very similar to a rose, which is why these are known as “the rose of spring”.
  • These are easy to grow: plenty of sun; moist, fertile, well-balanced soil and you’re on your way. You can buy them as mature as you find or as bulbs earlier in the year.
  • Pansies always put on a beautiful display. They’re great as bedding and boarder plants but also nice in pots when they just add that splash of colour. All the colours are here!
  • Nigel also shows us the perennial daises, which are another beauty for getting colour into the garden and they will flower year after year.