Seasol and PowerFeed

Episode:  11
Title: Seasol and PowerFeed: Seasol-12 secrets to gardening success
Broadcast: October 22nd
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

This week’s Secret to Gardening Success is preparing your garden for summers heat.

  • This heat can really knock your plants around so it’s important to keep them healthy all year around, you can do this with Seasol and PowerFeed.
  • At the beginning of spring, Nige likes to get into the PowerFeed but he now wants to use Seasol and PowerFeed at once. Instead of using both, there’s now a solution with both the fertiliser and the soil conditioner!
  • Seasol with PowerFeed has the seaweed in the Seasol to stimulate root development, enhance flowering and fruiting and increase resistance to frost, pests and diseases and heat and drought
  • The addition of PowerFeed to the Seasol not only adds a dynamic, well-balanced liquid fertiliser, but also a soil conditioning liquid compost that improves soil structure, helps break down clay and helps sandy soil retain moisture and nutrients.
  • A low to medium pressure is perfect and you can spray all over the leaves and the soil, make sure you give your garden a good soak.
  • Use these two beauties together – Seasol and the PowerFeed in one pack. The complete garden health treatment.

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