Water Corporation - Perth Royal Show Waterwise Garden Build

Episode: 1
Title: Water Corporation - Perth Royal Show Waterwise Garden Build
Broadcast: Nov 12th 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Use Waterwise gardening techniques to setup your own fruit and vegie garden - Trev shares with us the easiest ways to save water in your home garden.

  • One of the hottest trends in home gardening is creating your own veggie and fruit garden. Trev shows how you can plant fruit trees quite close together to create a canopy, which shades the ground and reduces evaporation.
  • Trev shows us raised garden beds which feature composite wood, use recycled plastic milk carton mixed with sawdust and are turned into non-slip, UV protected, great looking decking boards. They look great all year round, they won’t rust and white ants won’t eat them.
  • Take a look at a product called Link EDGE, which are aluminum and drink cans crushed to form a beautiful garden edge.
  • See the amazing compost used by Trevor in his Perth Royal Show Waterwise display garden, which is actually the by-product of composting our rubbish. The bin you send off to the tip goes off to a composting process, which is turned into compost that is rich in nutrients and holds water.
  • We see 6 different styles of verge gardens – a wildflower, a classy grass option with different mulches, a low maintenance option, a cottage garden, an Australian herb garden and shady solutions option – they all feature plants that once accomplished require no or only occasional watering with the peak of summer’s extremes sustaining them.

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