Episode: 1
Title: SMRC
Broadcast: Nov 12th 2016
Presenter: Steve Wood

How we choose to live on a daily basis will have a vital impact on our planet and the future generations to come. Steve shows us how reducing, reusing and recycling as an individual can help save water.

  • By recycling our waste responsibly we can seriously contribute to a more positive future.
  • Our local councils are giving us support but they need our help to really make it count.
  • Recycle Right is a community education program that takes the confusion out of what to put in each bin. Recycle Right provides us with all the tools and information you need to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • All you need to do it download the app on your smart phone and find your council.
  • Everything is clearly explained including what should and shouldn’t be going into each of your bins as well as drop off points for waste.
  • Another fantastic resource is the recycle right website, which is full of brilliant information and you can even book a tour to see first hand the waste facilities in Western Australia.

The Southern Metropolitan Regional Council
P: (08) 9329 2700