Finding and Fixing Leaks

Episode: 1
Title: Finding and Fixing Leaks
Broadcast: Nov 12th 2016
Presenter: Calinda Anderson

If you have a pond or water feature that’s losing water, Calinda is going to help you discover the most common causes, shows you how to locate water loss problems and how to fix them.

  • Did you know 95% of all leaks are generally found in waterfalls rather than in the actual pond?
  • If you’ve experienced a really dramatic loss of water in a short time frame then you have to look at where the pump is actually set in the water. Any filtration system, fountain, feature or waterfall that is outside the pond will more than likely be the source of the problem.
  • If you have a waterfall, the problem could be a build up of plant matter, algae or leaves. These will need to be cleared out to enable the water to run freely back into the pond rather than being pushed up and out.
  • If you do have a hole, don’t despair. Nearly all can be patched and some can even be applied underwater.
  • Don’t forget the evaporation rate in WA 5-7cm per week but don’t forget if your pond is heavily planted, your plants could be drinking your pond water!

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